We are a couple from Texas that decided to live life differently, we left our aspirations for a corporate career behind and in 2015 we began preparing for our adventure. The preparation included; selling most of our belongings, letting go of the norm and becoming digital nomads. 

​Since then, we have done quite a bit... Lets get you all caught up. 


​We know its a lot, we get a bit lost sometimes too. Writing it down certainly helps lol 

​Sailboat #1

​⛵️ SV MY LOVE TOO a 1985 Hunter 34. We purchased this sailboat not knowing a single thing about sailing. We spend an entire year refitting and learning the sailboat. At then end, she went from a floating condo with no sails to an actual sailboat that took us on our very first sailing trip ⛵️⚓️. Although our time with SV MY LOVE TOO was precious, we came to the conclusion that she was not the right boat for us and so we sold her. We found her the most loving new owners were very happy with how we parted ways. We certainly hope that we cross paths with her out on the water one day. 

​Between SV MY LOVE TOO and SV ENTERPRISE was a car camping adventure on our beloved Mazda CX-5 where we went from Texas to California and back to Texas through Nevada and Colorado. This was an absolutely lovely trip and we'd love to go back and so the same road trip all over again. 


​Sailboat #2

​ ⛵️ SV ENTERPRISE an 1984 O'Day 39. This boat seemed to have it all, and we were madly in love with her 😍. We had quite a rough start with her, the engine acted up and she ran aground on an oyster reef the first day we took her out. Then came an emergency haul out where we found out no major damage was done. We spent over 6 months getting SV ENTERPRISE cruising ready. We were almost ready to leave when disaster hit 😔. On 08/25/2017 SV Enterprise was affected by Hurricane Harvey. The Hurricane made landfall in Rockport Texas which is where the sailboat was docked. SV Enterprise lost a few of her docklines making her slam against the piling and she has sustained hull damage as well as loosing many of her top deck hardware including; Bimini, solar panels, dodger, sheet winch, cleats etc. This was a HUGE set back and heartbreak. It almost felt as if Poseidon was telling us that she is not the right boat for us and we took a step back from her. 


​Sailboat #3 

​⛵️SV VIKING LADY a 1990 Hunter 28. After we stepped away from SV ENTERPRISE we purchased SV VIKING LADY sight unseen. After a short week at the shipyard we splashed her and we were cursing.  SV VIKING LADY was such a champ, dove right in and we finally got a little taste of cruising life. Life on a 28ft sailboat with a large dog was sure a struggle at times, but it was all worth it. 

​Currently we are without a sailboat and feeling like fish out of water 😵 We are brainstorming and doing everything we can to get another sailboat and hit the water again. 


​We are so delighted to be able to share our adventures and struggles with you. 

Thank you for all of your love and support! With your support we are able to continue our journey to fulfill our wanderlust. So in a sense, YOU the patron are the creators! Without you it wouldn’t be possible to share our beautiful and sometimes chaotic adventures.



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